Health tips for women on the go: Nutritionist shares insights

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Women on the go refers to women who are traveling or are always busy doing things. Health is of primal importance for everyone regardless of gender, and when it comes to women who are always on the go, it should be taken care of at all times. Women, who are always juggling in between work and travel, often miss out on proper nutrition. The habit of missing meals and skipping food is rampant in women on the go. Hence, this further leads to malnutrition and other health-related problems.

Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee, who keeps sharing health-related tips and tricks on her Instagram profile on a daily basis, shared a post dedicated to the issue of habits of women on the go that needs to change and the healthy habits that need to be incorporated. “When you follow them, you maximize your performance throughout the day by concentrating better for longer durations,” read an excerpt of her caption. Take a look at the healthy tips that the nutritionist shared:

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Protein intake: The nutritionist recommended that women on the go can start living healthy by starting to shop for healthy food items. Protein-rich food should be incorporated in the diet and sugar-rich items should be avoided.

Calcium intake: Anjali Mukerjee said that at least two food items rich in Calcium should be consumed in a day.

Lime to liquids: it is recommended that water, dal and salad should be dressed with lime or lemon.

Snacks: For snacks in between meals, soaked almonds can be consumed. This will give the body the necessary nutrients and also make people avoid binge eating junk food.

Sprouts: Sprouts should be incorporated in daily meals and should be consumed every day.

Small portions: Anjali advised that small portions of 3-4 nutritious meals and two snacks a day should be consumed, instead of skipping meals.

Work-life balance: With work stress acting as a factor, we often do not find the proper work-life balance. This leads to more stress. The nutritionist recommended that finding the balance through yoga, meditation or picking up a hobby such as dancing or walking should be incorporated in the daily routine.

Exercise: Exercise should be taken up without fail and the fitness routine should be taken seriously.

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