Xpert Times and Times of UP leads by Jitendra Kumar and Umesh Kaushik

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Xpert Times and Times of UP are the world’s leading media organisations for lifestyle, politics, business, entertainment and more. Achieving aspirations through the Xpert Times and Times of UP is a major concern for Music Producer Umesh Kaushik and social activist Jitendra Kumar. Xpert Times and Times of UP work as media outlets. Jitendra Kumar is the founder of Xpert Times and CEO of Times of UP, and Umesh Kaushik is CEO of Xpert Times and known for the founder of Times of UP. Both organisations are acquired primarily by providing the latest news updates.


Umesh Kaushik is a Music Producer and author who is known for his music composing and book writing. Umesh is an immensely dedicated individual and an eminent global Musician. Umesh is always up for a challenge and is never belittled by one. Instead of breaking his will, the coronavirus pandemic has only encouraged him to overcome this by composing and producing songs such as Soniye vi laut aaja ve tu, Tere Bina, Kaali Kaali Raat, and growing inequality in the music field. The pandemic gave him a lot of time to reflect on his life and goals, and ultimately, motivated him to become a capable businessman.Thanks to his creative music based on New generation on social media platforms like Spotify, Jio Saavn, Wynk, Apple Music and other music platforms with Instagram and facebook. Umesh is able to secure a huge number of songs for his videos he will keep on sharing on the said platform. He was born and brought up in Jattari, Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh and loved to work hard since he was at younger age. His passion soon found the right place that gave him the chance to embark as a star with his music composing and books.Umesh wrote 2 Stories and Build a Site on WP which were very helpful to build the website for business. Being from a middle class family, Umesh had to face many differences and evils along with his hard work. Umesh is pursuing graduation from Uttar Pradesh top rank Galgotias University which is established in Greater Noida. Finally, Jitendra Kumar and  Umesh Kaushik go into an online business with Xpert Times and Times of UP.


Born on October 10 , 1990  an Indian author and activist from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is known as a founder of  Xpert Times and appointed the CEO of Times of UP news media. It became a moment of pride for the hathras community to see an Hathras-born make it to the list of the businessmen  in the social marketing and Jitendra Kumar’s life story is worth a share. Jitendra Kumar lives in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, however due to work and media organisations, Jitendra lives in New Delhi with his better half Anjali. Jitendra started his business in New Delhi after finishing school in Hathras. Jitendra Kumar is known as the founder of the Xpert Times and CEO of the Times of UP. Jitendra Kumar also made his life easier by facing challenges. Jitendra has an interesting and active family environment and her humorous and intelligent demeanour further inspires her throughout her career. We often know Jitendra Kumar as a social worker and writer. Jitendra also wrote a book that reflects people’s attitudes toward digital marketing. The way digital marketing thinks reflects the way people think. Jitendra, however, believed that social support was the turning point in her life. Jitendra Kumar has worked with the Robin Hood Army NGO to help more people and give more. Jitendra Kumar is known as the Web Media Master. Jitendra Kumar also received a green mark on Facebook. Together with Umesh, Jitendra made the meeting a success. Jitendra has extensive experience and business acumen, having worked as a business manager for the past few years. Jitendra is well-known for her social media and hobbies. This made him one of the online media experts of his age.


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