Masaba Gupta’s robust workout of battle ropes is perfect Tuesday fitness inspo

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When she is not hooking fans with her stellar designer skills, Masaba Gupta continues to build her fanbase with regular glimpses of her robust exercise sessions and this Tuesday is no different as she laid perfect fitness inspo with a sneak peek of her robust battle ropes workout. Making jaws drop, Masaba performed battle ropes and medicine ball workout at the gym and her new fitness video is all the exercise motivation we need to brush aside Tuesday blues.

Taking to her social media handle, Masaba shared a video that featured her donning a sleeveless lemon yellow and white crop top, teamed with a pair of mint green tights and a pair of white sneakers. She aced the athleisure look by pulling back her curly tresses with a hairband and into a top knot.

The video opened to Masaba sweating it out at battle ropes, followed by medicine ball training to strengthen her core. She shared in the caption, “No meeting,no shoot,no event will come in the way of my morning workout. My fitness routine helps me focus so much better at work through the day & the physical strength? That’s a bonus Did you workout today ? (sic).”


Battle ropes blast fat and is a useful exercise tool for those looking to lose weight. It sculpts and tones upper body muscles like the shoulder muscles including the deltoids and rhomboids, the upper and lower back muscles, the arm muscles and also grip, increase mobility and train imbalances and endurance while jumps and lunges during battle ropes can train the hip and leg muscles, especially the glutes.

As for medicine ball training, it positively enhances muscle strength, muscle power, coordination, agility, balance and speed. Also known as exercise balls, Stability balls, Yoga balls, Physio balls and balance balls, the Swiss ball or medicine ball exercises improve balance and tone the muscles apart from improving core strength.

This gym equipment is used use in physical therapy to build muscles and endurance, strengthen the core and developing flexibility and balance. Additionally, the ball helps in rehabilitating the back, hips and knee injuries to deliver a powerful workout and improve core stability, posture and muscle balance.

Strengthening the core helps not only in smoothly performing everyday activities and sports but also helps improve balance and stability and ensures a good posture. A strong core influences the legs and upper body and improves one’s posture, mood, sleeping pattern and boosts energy.

Core protects one against injuries and core muscles play a fundamental role in stabilising the spine and pelvis which is why one should aim to do a core workout two to three times a week to train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. It strengthens the diaphragm and reduces the risk of back pain and injury.


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