Best time to step out in the sun and set your circadian clock right

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Are you avoiding sun completely of late due to your hectic routine or fear of getting heat stroke in sweltering heat? While one is not advised to step out in the sun in afternoon, it is important to get your daily dose of sunshine in early hours of the morning or evening, around the time of sunset. Circadian rhythm, or circadian cycle, is a natural process of our body that regulates the sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours.  (Also read: Sunglasses can be bad for your health and sleep hormones; here’s why)

Waking up with the sun, having a routine, exercising, limiting screen time, avoiding long naps and early bedtime are all the things that can help us set our circadian clock right. Dr Andrew D. Huberman, Neuroscience Professor at Stanford University in his latest Instagram post writes what we can do very easily in order to make our circadian clock work efficiently.

Huberman says stepping out in the sun in early morning or late afternoons can be an ideal stimulus for setting your circadian clock. The neuroscientist says it helps one get a good night’s sleep and stay active during the day.

“You have two opportunities each day to set your circadian clock. That has positive consequences including improved sleep and improved energy throughout the day,” says Dr Huberman.

He adds that there is even evidence that getting your circadian schedule correct can be beneficial for metabolism and for immune system function.

Explaining the benefits of viewing natural light in morning and evening, the neurologist says that “the quality of that light is distinct at those times of day.”

“Well no one is perfect and we sometimes miss those early day or afternoon sunlight viewings you really want to try and do that on as many days as possible. Morning light is more important but ideally if you both. Never look at any light so bright it’s painful to look at but ideally you do this with sunglasses off. Eyeglasses and contacts are fine. And no, it doesn’t work very well through a windshield or window,” Dr Huberman says giving tips on how to get that natural light which could work wonders for health.

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