World Environment Day 2022: Want to go economical and eco-friendly while constructing homes? Opt for Green Cement

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Since the pandemic, India along with the other countries is trying hard to use innovative methods and techniques to reduce the effect on the environment and contribute towards saving it from damage and for a country like India where air pollution has been a concern, the need to reduce carbon emissions is even more. Studies have shown that the production of the cement and concrete is a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions and that’s where the cement industry needed to come up with a solution.

Cement is largely the most essential resource for constructing homes. However, the production of cement contributes to carbon dioxide emissions significantly and at the time, when world leaders are pledging to achieve net-zero carbon, it is essential that industries take a step forward as well.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Vishal Kanodia, Managing Director, Kanodia Cement Ltd, shared, “Due to the inaccessibility of raw materials, depletion of natural resources and increased environmental issues, the cement industry is currently facing a rough time, which has prompted the experts to think of alternative and renewable sources of fuels and raw materials. Green cement is one such innovation in the industry, where the cement is manufactured using a carbon-negative technologically advanced process which eliminates the carbon emissions during operations.”

He added, “We expect that with the use of green cement and its concrete, the emission of CO2 can be reduced to 30%. Another benefit is that the use of freshwater gets reduced to about 50 percent, does helping us to reduce the impact on the environment and make it more sustainable.”

Rooting for the same, Vikram Agarwal, Director of Neo HBM Pvt Ltd, revealed, “When compared with traditional/ordinary cement, the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process of green cement is relatively low. It is environmentally friendly since it recycles industrial waste, decreases carbon dioxide emissions, and uses less energy for production. It is firm, durable, and crack resistant. The most common concrete problem in India is the corrosion of steel bars. The best thing about green cement is that it shows low chloride permeability which makes it corrosion resistant.”

He elaborated, “Green cement is both economical and eco-friendly. Cement made with fossil fuels necessitates a significant amount of energy. Green cement, on the other hand, is a technology-driven process that uses an extremely less amount of energy. The world is facing one of the most extreme forms of climate change, it’s important that we, as a society foster the use of such eco-friendly alternatives.”



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