Bill Gates lauds India’s role in meeting climate targets, PM seeks collective action

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday launched ‘LiFE MOVEMENT’, a global initiative, through video conferencing. Bill Gates also attended the event.

Bill Gates, who is a co-chairman of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, congratulated Modi for taking the lead on the ‘LiFE’ initiative, launched on World Environment Day.

“India’s leadership is crucial in achieving our global climate targets… To eliminate greenhouse gases we need tech and cooperation of all including partnerships of public and private sectors,” news agency ANI quoted him as saying at the event.

The LiFE initiative – ‘Lifestyle For Environment’ – aims to promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle that focuses on ‘mindful and deliberate utilisation’ instead of ‘mindless and destructive consumption’. The idea was introduced by Modi during the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) held last year in Glasgow.

Delivering the keynote address, the Prime Minister extended India’s support in furthering global wellness as he pitched for the principles of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

“Let us follow the principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’. ‘One Earth- Many Efforts’ are needed. India stands in support of any effort to further global wellness. On World Environment Day,let us pledge to make ‘LiFE – Lifestyle For Environment’ a global mass movement,” he said.

Among others, the programme was attended by climate economist Lord Nicholas Stern, Nudge Theory author professor Cass Sunstein, CEO and president of the World Resources Institute Aniruddha Dasgupta and UNEP global head Inger Andersen.

Modi said our planet’s challenges are well known and said the need of the hour is to further the sustainable actions.

“This World Environment Day we have ‘Only One Earth’ slogan with a focus on living sustainably in harmony with nature. Our planet’s challenges are well known to others.The need of the hour is human-centric, collective and robust actions that further the sustainable actions,” he added.

At the event, Modi also spoke about how Mahatma Gandhi used to talk about a zero-carbon lifestyle, while calling for picking the most sustainable options in daily life choices. “Our planet is one, but our efforts have to be many.” He added, “Mission LiFE’ borrows from the past, operates in the present and focuses on the future.


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