Soha Ali Khan gets ready for the weekend with core workout using sticks, yoga bricks and dumbbells: Watch video


There are a few Bollywood stars who diligently update their Instagram family with snippets from workout routines. These fitness enthusiasts inspire them to hit the gym, eat clean, and add healthy habits to their daily routine. Soha Ali Khan is one of them. The actor often shares clips of herself training inside her home gym. Today, she dropped a new video in which she did a bunch of core-strengthening routines with the help of a stick, dumbbells, workout bricks and wall support. So, if you want some fitness inspiration for the weekend, this is it.

On Saturday, Soha Ali Khan posted a video in which she did a core workout using various simple equipment. The mother-of-one captioned the clip, “Get ready for the weekend! core workout.” After she shared the post online, it garnered several likes and praise from Soha’s followers, including her sister Saba Ali Khan. She commented, “Fab! Keep inspiring us to get fitter sis.” Check out Soha’s clip below. (Also Read: Soha Ali Khan proves she never misses leg day in new video, Neha Dhupia says well done)

The clip begins with Soha balancing her body on one leg and standing on stacked bricks, with the other leg and both hands extended in the air perpendicular to the floor. She held a stick in her hands while stretching her body and bringing it back in a standing pose. Soha followed this exercise with one leg raised hip thrusts, with a brick balanced on the feet of her extended leg.

Then, Soha did crunches with both legs raised in the air and a brick balanced on her feet. In the end, Soha did planks while stacking dumbbells, wall walk-ups, one-leg squats and roll-over squats.

Core Workout Benefits:

Core exercises help train the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony, support better posture, reduce body pain, and support strength training. They lend better balance and stability while doing day-to-day activities or even rigorous outdoor workouts.

So, are you ready to hit the gym and enjoy some hours of training?


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