Soha Ali Khan core workout session is giving us all the fitness inspo we need

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Soha Ali Khan is a beast when it comes to her fitness game. The actor believes in working on herself on a daily basis through immense dedication, focus and enthusiasm. Soha swears by high intensity workouts and yoga and her Instagram profile is a plethora of her fitness regime – from acing military workouts to taking a break and performing easy stretches for her Instagram fans, the actor’s fitness routine ranges through several exercises. Soha Ali Khan doesn’t need a time and place for workout, she can do it anytime and anywhere. From turning her living room into her fitness arena to making the staircase of her home into her squats zone, the actor is our fitness inspo today and every other day.

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A day back, Soha shared a short video compilation of her core workout routine and it is just too intense. In the video, Soha can be seen starting with squats while lifting dumbbells. Then she can be seen using a rope as a challenge to go under and perform stretches for her arm workout. Then Soha can be seen performing a variation of core workout with swift planks. In the end part of the video, Soha can be seen working out by throwing kicks while holding a rod above her head with both hands. Take a look at her workout routine here:

Core workouts come with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving the balance and stability of the body. Core workouts also help in training the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. Squats help in burning mega calories and maintaining a healthy weight. Squats benefit hip muscles, calves, hamstrings and obliques as well. They also help in strengthening the tendons, bones and ligaments around the leg muscles, thereby providing more strength to the body.

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