Sharad Kumar Yadav is emerging fast in Bihar politics

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Work with team spirit, ready to help everyone.

Sharad Kumar Yadav from Banka Bihar is fast making his place in the politics of Bihar. Behind this, there is a big contribution of his dedication, readiness to serve the public and political foresight.

Let us tell that the story of young Sharad Kumar Yadav, who is becoming very popular among the people of Banka and surrounding, joins as the younger son of Rajendra Yadav, but to pursue the politics of heritage. Instead of Sharad Kumar Yadav is trying to take forward his politics and for the last several years, the way he has been the subject of discussion among the people of Banka, it can be understood as a sign of his happy political future.

Social worker Pankaj Yadav says that not only in Banka but all over the states these days the number of his fans is increasing a lot. Knowing them, some also tell that Sharad Kumar Yadav not only became popular, but the social service work done by him is being considered as the biggest reason behind this.

Although there are many politicians in Bihar, apart from these, Sharad Kumar Yadav’s  popularity has its own story. In fact, Sharad Kumar Yadav was never seen on any stage with his father, despite his father Rajendra Yadav being in politics. Nor do they try to follow the path made by his father.

They tell that any person, be it from any district, even if he requests for help from them, then he is ready to help them. This is the reason why Sharad Kumar Yadav is very popular on social media. If we talk about Facebook in social media, then Sharad Kumar Yadav is followed by 30 thousand people. From this only one can guess Sharad’s popularity.

It is said that even when there was a lock down in the COVID pandemic last year, Sharad had done a lot of hard work and helped thousands of needy people. He was also seen distributing ration material in Banka. Sometimes Sharad keeps helping people even with money. When Sharad Kumar Yadav lives in Patna, people keep visiting him.

Be it Banka or even a state like Bihar, there is a very long queue of his fans. For the time being, let us see when and how cleanly Sharad Kumar Yadav targets the political scene. Because his fans are also keeping their eyes on when Sharad will enter the house and start a new innings.





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