Russia-Ukraine war: Two of 13 ‘unreachable’ students from Ludhiana back home

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Two of the 13 students from Ludhiana, who were previously not reachable as per the district administration, have returned back to India from the war-torne country of Ukraine.

Nitish Kumar, 21, a second- year student at Kyiv Medical University, landed at the Delhi Airport on Friday morning and Palak Ahuja, a student of Odessa National Medical University, on Wednesday night. Palak’s father Yashpal Ahuja said she reached home in Ludhiana on Thursday night.

Shubham Sharma and Shenum Arora, who also reached Ludhiana on Thursday night, are counting their blessings and the duo said that they are fortunate to be alive.

Shubham is a first-year medical student in Ukraine’s capital Kiev. “I had just reached Kiev in December last year. After the war began, we were left stranded. But soon, the Indian government swung into action and provided us much needed aid and ensured that we reached safely,” he said.

Shenum, a resident of Chandigarh Road, was scheduled to take a flight from Kharkiv on February 24 when the war began. She somehow managed to return to her paying guest accommodation, but the owner of the house locked her in the room and fled.

However, she managed to escape amid gunfire and along with a batch of 600 students, reached the metro station to catch a train to Laviv. Like all other Indian students, she was thrown out of the train, but she finally managed to board into it. After spending a day in Laviv, she reached Hungary, from where she was flown in the army aircraft carrier and reached Delhi.

While sharing his journey from Kyiv to Punjab, Kailash Nagar (Basti Jodhewal) based resident Nitish shared that after observing less bombardment on February 27, he decided to leave Kyiv on February 28 morning. “The train was overcrowded, we had to stand for eight hours in the train to reach Lviv,” he said. He added that after reaching Lviv, and thereafter Hungary, “the rest is history”.

Mahipinder Kaur, a student of Kharkiv National University, managed to catch the train in her fourth attempt. She said that she made the first attempt on February 25 and finally succeeded on February 28. She slept in a bunker, Remained without food and water for a day and narrowly escaped an explosion.

Back home with parents, she said that there is no point staying in Kharkiv. “If not from cold, we could have died in an explosion or of starvation,” said Mahipinder.


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