Rujuta Diwekar suggests 3 forgotten foods to deal with hot flashes

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Dealing with hot flashes can be tricky as you do not exactly have a control on them. A hot flash is a sudden sensation of warmth in your upper body – face, neck or chest and can be followed by a lot of sweating and palpitations. While many of us rarely experience them, their frequency may increase during perimenopausal or menopausal stage. Certain medical conditions, hot environment, a strenuous physical activity could also trigger hot flashes.

Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity nutritionist, and author of bestselling books like The 12-Week Fitness Project and Indian Superfoods, in an Instagram video shared with her followers 3 forgotten foods that could help one deal with this problem.

Explaining the symptoms and causes of hot flashes, the nutritionist, says it is common for people who are in perimenopausal or menopausal stage to get hot flashes. “Even when the AC is on, you break into a sweat, you feel palpitations, you feel like your face, neck, head, everything is just dripping with pearls of sweat,” she says.

The nutritionist says that not only the hot flashes make one feel pretty much out of control with our body, it can also lead to other symptoms such as skin pigmentation, loss of hair and loss of satiety. “You begin to have sweet cravings, salt cravings, followed by some more sweet cravings and then you begin to feel gassy, moody and irritable,” adds the nutritionist.

Moving on to the solution of this problem, Diwekar suggests three forgotten foods that can help people deal with this problem.

1. Coconut barfi

Kopra Pak(Pinterest)
Kopra Pak(Pinterest)

Also called nariyal barfi or kopra pak, this sweet delight can work wonders for your stamina, comfort you, and feel those sugary cravings at bay. The nutritionist says one can have it around 11 am in the morning or post lunch around 3-4 pm.


Coconut is rich in medium chain triglycerides which are basically fatty acids that can boost your stamina. Hot flashes can make your feel extremely tired and low on stamina. The essential fatty acids can help you regain strength. Diwekar suggests says just a piece of nariyal barfi is enough to do the trick and also keep your sugar cravings in check. “Coconut also has lauric acid which is found in mother’s milk. This fatty acid also makes you feel a sense of nurture and belonging and it calms you down,” says the nutritionist.

2. Local vegetable chutney with til

Diwekar says any hyperlocal vegetable, especially creepers like bitter gourd, bottle gourd, ridge gourd or pumpkin are a rich source of good bacteria. The nutritionist recommends a chutney prepared with the peel of ridge gourd mixed with a lot of til to team with the lunch. She says it introduces good bacteria to your system.


This chutney being calcium rich takes care of bone mineral density and phytoestrogens which can also take care of bad skin issues like acne on tip of forehead, back of neck or top of back. It also prevents afternoon slump, keeps skin radiant, keeps hair and stomach in good health.

3. Banana chips

Banana chips(Pinterest)
Banana chips(Pinterest)

Perfect to satiate your salty cravings, one can have a handful of banana chips with their evening tea. Banana being rich in micronutrients like B6 can also calm your nerves. 


Diwekar says apart from raw banana chips, one can also have jackfruit, tapioca, or bitter gourd chips for health benefits.


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