Prices of gold and silver in India see drop: Check latest rates

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Gold prices in India came down on Sunday with one gram of 22-carat gold available at 4,620 compared to 4,675 yesterday, according to a report by Goodreturns. Similarly, 10 grams of 22-carat gold saw a reduction in its price on Sunday at 46,200 compared to 46,750 on Saturday.

Eight grams of 22-carat gold is available for 39,960.

When it comes to 24-carat gold, the price of a gram of this precious metal is reduced to 5,040. Ten grams of 24-carat gold is currently available at 50,400, the data by good returns on Sunday showed.

Here are the latest prices of gold in some of the major cities of India:

City Price of Gold (22-carat) Price of Gold (24-carat)
 Delhi   46,350   50,550
 Mumbai   46,200   50,400
 Kolkata   46,200   50,400
 Chennai   46,900   51,160
 Ahmedabad   46,250   50,450

The prices of gold are sourced from some of the reputed jewellers in India. The prices are determined by a range of factors including the strength of the Rupee against US dollars. This means if the US dollar is strong, gold will become expensive in India.

Meanwhile, there was a reduction in the prices of silver in India as well. A gram of silver, which was priced at 57.30 on Saturday, is today available at 55.30.

Hundred grams of silver on Sunday is priced at 5,530 compared to 5,730 on Saturday. A kilogram of silver can be bought at 55,300 on Sunday compared to 57,300 the previous day.


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