Police fail to exhume Anish Khan’s body for 2nd post-mortem amid protests by villagers

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A police team on Saturday failed to exhume the body of student activist Anish Khan for conducting a second post-mortem amidst protests by villagers at Amta in Howrah district.

Protests by students and the youth wing of political parties continued in the state. At Panchla in Howrah protestors attacked the office of the superintendent of police. Police had to fire tear gas shells and resort to lathi-charge as protestors damaged a few police vehicles and hurled bricks. A few people including policemen were injured.

The Calcutta high court on Thursday had also ordered a second post-mortem examination of the victim’s body under the supervision of a district judge.

On Saturday when the police reached the village around 5:30 in the morning to exhume the body, villagers staged a protest and didn’t allow the cops to exhume the body.

“On the direction of Hon’ble High Court, today members of SIT being accompanied by magistrate went to exhume the body of Anish Khan for holding further PM which was prevented fiercely in utter violation of order of the apex court of WB,” West Bengal Police tweeted.

Officials from the Special Investigation Team had approached the victim’s family late on Friday night so that the body could be exhumed and the second post-mortem conducted on Saturday.

Salem Khan, the victim’s father and other family members had urged the police to conduct the second autopsy on Monday. Salem Khan said he was unwell. But police reached the village early on Saturday morning to exhume the body which led to protests.

“When the family has urged the police to conduct the post mortem on Monday, why are the cops becoming hyper active and sneaking into the village in the early hours to exhume the body? Shabbir Khan, the victim’s elder brother, told the media.

On Friday, the victim’s family had hinted that they could move the higher court against the single bench order as they have demanded a CBI probe and wanted the second post-mortem to be done by the central agency.

CPIM Rajya Sabha MP and advocate Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya who is one of the petitioners in the Anish Khan case in the Calcutta high court also slammed the police for reaching the village in the early hours to exhume the body.

“We shall bring this to the notice of the court. Why are the police in such a hurry? Is there anything secret? Are they trying to suppress the case?” he said.

The BJP too attacked the government with Dilip Ghosh, the party’s national vice president alleging that the police have no intention of arresting the actual culprits.

Even though a home guard and a civic volunteer have been arrested, the victim’s father could not identify them during the Test Identification Parade.

“SIT is investigating the Anish khan case under the directions of the Hon’ble High Court but violent demonstrations are being organized daily at Amta Police Station and SP office with the ulterior motive of derailing and delaying the investigation,” tweeted the West Bengal Police.


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