Param Singh reveals how a producer ‘begged’ him to give a discount once the show went off air: I was dumbfounded

In an exclusive chat actor Param Singh talks how a TV show producer asked him to give a discount and ended up cutting his dues once the show went off air.

Producers not paying actors once their show goes off-air is something actors on television often grumble about. Actor Param Singh, too, went through a similar episode when one of his recent TV shows, which didn’t do well on the ratings chart and the producers had paid him a portion of the covenant amount.

“I remember there was a show, which ended abruptly, and then the producers asked me to give them a discount. I was dumbfounded. The show didn’t do well and the producers begged me to reduce my dues. Ultimately, I ended up doing so but decided to never work with them,” Singh shares, on the condition of not revealing the show’s name.

The 33-year-old has been in the industry for almost a decade now, and while a few would have made a row out of this, Singh cites his irenic personality to be the reason why he never spoke about such incidents.

“I try to avoid drama and confrontation in life. Having said that, I don’t let anyone else take me for granted. I work according to the contracts and if you are obliged to certain terms and conditions, you stick to it,” elaborates Singh, who was part of shows such as Ghulaam, Mariyam Khan; Reporting Live and Haiwaan that shut abruptly.

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