My aim is to make a lot of short films: Rajesh Tailang

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The actor feels that it’s imperative for a creative person to dabble in as many art forms as possible

It was last month that actor Rajesh Tailang released his eighth short film, Selfie, a musical based on a poem. And he says that, apart from acting, he wants to concentrate on directing shorts as it helps him express himself. “Short films are a great way of telling a story because you can say what you want to on a limited budget and in a shorter span of time. Even if I’m free for 15 days, I can easily make one. I can make four-five short films in a year,” he shares, adding, “When it comes to acting, you have to express someone else’s vision. My aim is to consistently make a lot of short films.”

Quiz him if directing a feature film is on the cards, and he says, “I thought of making at least one feature film in my life. But now is not the time as it requires you to devote three years of your life to it because of its financial compulsions. Plus, acting is my first love and I can’t not do it for such a long time.”

The Delhi Crime and Bandish Bandits actor, however, adds that he has never solely depended on acting. He elaborates, “When you’ve forayed into other creative fields, it helps you survive. I wrote, directed, and taught, all of which eventually helped me with my acting. When my acting career wasn’t in good shape, these things helped me survive, emotionally and financially.”

Tailang feels that it’s imperative for a creative person to dabble in as many art forms as possible. “When it comes to multiple creative fields, once you learn to appreciate and develop skills, it helps you. It’s important to explore across fields. We all have potential; we all have to explore,” he concludes.

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