Mahenoor Marya Famous All Set To Dominate Whole Entertainment Industry With upcoming Zee5 web

Mahenoor Marya Hopes For Positive Feedback For Her Role In Web Series The Chargesheet: 2 Releasing 15 August on Zee-5

The sizzling beauty girl who wins everyone’s heart by her skills miss Mahsuoor marya is the upcoming talk of the town with her expressive calendar shoots, print shoots, designer shoots and her head-turning performances in various ramp shows.

Miss mahenoor,the new sensational Calendar girl in your town

Mahenoor Marya

The young and aspiring model Mahenoor is very charming geared up to set the fashion industry on fire with her sizzling looks and graceful walk. Her style quotient and heart-warming attitude are the soft skills she acquires that make a good first impression that lasts forever. She’s a dream applicant for any ramp show or fashion shoot due to her impressive experience in various fashion shows and confident body language, as all the professional fashion models she knows her best angles and how can she use them to give the perfect click. The model is always spotted carrying her tiara up, she is always confident which is seen through her posture. Her head is always held high which is a strong sign of determination and a free spirit of mahenoor she is never casual about her work, she takes every project seriously which she never brags about.

Mahenoor Marya

Once Liris Crosse said, “Modelling is about fantasy, getting people to buy into a lifestyle and a vision.” The young model has this in her head and she knows her job as well as her angles, once anyone had worked with her, they never want to move on to the next candidate. The camera loves her, the pictures could be clicked by The Daboo Ratnani or the picture could have been snapped by an amateur photographer the pictures will come up with a boom. The pictures clicked modelled by her are always well-groomed and professional.

In her interview she says “OTT boom is here to stay and it is the future. I am fortunate to be working on a big project like this. Having talent is not enough as you also need the right opportunity to showcase it and ‘ The Chargesheet: 2 “Innocent or Guilty? “ will do the same for me. I play a positive and an important role. My role will make a difference to the story”.


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