I•Ka is the ideal venue for people who prefer comfy apparel and ethnic attire. I•Ka is the creation of Miss Prachi Agrawal and Miss Anushka Chilani. They began operating in September 2022, and with the help of their distinctive ethnic styles, they are quietly expanding.

Prachi completed a fashion design programme at the JD Institute in Surat before enrolling in a styling programme at the Fashion Academy of Design in Mumbai. She also spent two to three years working in the fashion industry with several well-known fashion designers. Anushka, in contrast, was initially a microbiology student, but fashion designing and digital art have always been her first loves. She studied for a year at Surat’s JD Institute of Fashion Designer in order to pursue her aspirations, and she worked in a multi-designer store to gain experience. Both are creative individuals who have always aspired to succeed in the fashion industry.

The word I•Ka derived from our names Prach(i) and Anush(ka), which is also a customized version of the word ‘AYKA’, meaning a flower petal. We consider our brand I•Ka as a flower of love, hard work and craftmanship. Flowers are considered as a symbol of joy and pleasure similarly I•Ka with its appealing elegant style wants to make your occasions memorable. We are here to BLOOM with YOU in it.

Since childhood, fashion has been our safe refuge, and now that we are grownups, we have the opportunity to study and explore this artistic medium. Our friendship from infancy gave rise to I•Ka, a brand that combines one of us’s technical sewing skills with the other’s passion for complex decorations and styling.

Finding competent “Kaarigars” who would understand our approach presented the biggest challenge in the early stages. By fusing ethnicity with contemporary art, we hope to establish a distinctive signature. We came to the realisation that perseverance and a lot of patience are required in the fashion sector, where trends shift frequently.

The success of any organisation depends on its vision. I•Ka is here to be a brand, not just a label. We firmly believe that “With passion, hard effort, & patience, nothing is impossible.” By fusing ethnic tradition with contemporary lines and cut-outs, we hope to alter the perception of ethnic culture. Every piece from I•Ka is made from pure fabrics. Our goods have pockets that allow you to store your phone and other belongings.

Our first collection was titled “A note to self ~ Breathe” since it was our first act after birth and represents fresh starts. We are currently developing a capsule collection that will emphasise free-flowing, flowery silhouettes in a modern way. Our Spring Summer collection, which should be unveiled by April, is also something we are working on.

We operate a studio of our own in Surat, and you can see our clothing at Monsoon, a Surat-based multi-designer boutique. We offer both domestic and international shipping for our goods. Typically, it takes 20 to 25 days to complete your order.

Website www.ikastudio.co.in

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ikastudio.in/



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