Bollywood Film ‘Ishq Nahee Jismani Hain Ruhani’ to Debut on Valentine’s Day

New Delhi: The wait is finally over. The film, “Ishq Nahee Jismani Hain Ruhani”, is set to be released on February 14, Valentine’s Day. The trailer and music video were released on January 26.

The film was produced by Sandeep Malik, CEO and founder of SUNDAYS WITH SANDY. The story was inspired by real-life events, and was written and produced by Sandeep while he was training to be an actor.

What sets this film apart is its unique and never-before-seen climax. Sandeep promises that it will be unlike anything that has been depicted in Bollywood before. With this film, SUNDAYS WITH SANDY plans to continue producing films and transform into a Bollywood-focused channel.

The lead actor is Sandeep Malik, with supporting roles from Anjali Rana, Tanya Lal and Umesh Kaushik. The film was directed by Yogesh Kumar Mishra and features music by Sanjay Nagpal, with lyrics by Yogesh Kumar Mishra. The singer is Sulabh Nagpal.

Stay tuned to SUNDAYS WITH SANDY for more information on this highly anticipated film.


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