Hema Malini watches in shock as Hunarbaaz contestant lets a jeep run over him. Watch

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Hema Malini, who appeared as a guest on the Mother’s Day special episode of Hunarbaaz this weekend, was left shocked as a contestant performed dangerous stunts on stage. The actor seemed to be speechless, concerned, and stunned at the same time as Tipu Pehalwan displayed his strength by performing a variety of difficult stunts. Also Read| Hema Malini recites shlokas as she performs aarti for a contestant on Hunarbaaz: ‘Main nazar utaarna chahti hu’

Tipu started his performance by lifting a heavy bicycle fixed on a wooden stand with just his mouth. He went on to lie on the ground as members of his group put a slab of ice on his chest and then broke it with a huge hammer. The third stunt he performed involved him lying bare-chested on the stage while a member of his group ran over him with a jeep.

Hema watched Tipu in shock, and at one point put her hand near her heart with a concerned look on her face as he lifted the bicycle. She placed both of her hands on her cheeks when the ice slab was broken over him. The actor screamed in horror when a jeep moved over the contestant. Mithun Chakraborty and Karan Johan also appeared to be stunned as they watched Tipu perform his stunts.

Instagram users also praised Tipu’s performance after a promo of his act, which will be aired during Sunday’s episode, was shared on the social media platform. “This guy is amazing over powerfull an #ironman india,” one wrote, while another posted heart emojis.

Another promo of the episode showed Hema recreating her iconic Sholay scene that was originally picturised on her and her husband Dharmendra. Mithun Chakraborty played the role of Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan in the act. Hema sat on a makeshift tanga (horse-drawn vehicle) that was placed on the stage for the act, and asked Mithun, “Ha babuji, kaha jaaoge? Belapur? Naampur? Fathegarh? Ramgarh? kahan jaana hai bolo (tell me where do you need to go)?”


The actor then told Mithun that he has to look at the horse instead of her as per the scene, drawing in laughs from others. She took another take of her dialogue, to which Mithun responded by saying, “koi bhi garh (take me to any garh).” Hema asked for another take of the scene as Mithun was not supposed to respond. “Yaha to Basanti ka tanga hi milega (You will only get Basanti’s horsecart here),” she said, before adding, “Chal Dhanno.”


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