From activation fatigue to getting summer ready: Here’s a weekly roundup of’s top features

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The sweltering heat of the summer dominated the last week of March. From taking care of your plants, to your summer wardrobe, experts share easy-to-follow tips which will help you beat the heat. City chefs share innovative recipes using watermelon as its central ingredient, and medical experts also delve into the importance of hydration. Our weekly series ‘Shelf Life’ continues to explore the reading culture in the city and shines a spotlight on Dr Ambedkar Book Centre, a legacy outfit in Mumbai, and its struggle for survival. In wake of Karnataka High Court’s verdict upholding the state government’s decision to disallow hijab in classrooms, Muslim women in Mumbai reflect upon the religious stigma that has followed them in their lives and led to discriminatory behaviour towards them in the city’s public places. Last but not the least, our weekly coverage features individuals who use social media to spread awareness about feminism, caste, disabilities, and sexuality. They talk about activism fatigue, their hopes for the future, and the hate that comes their way.

Explained: How to stay adequately hydrated as the summer heat takes hold

Water is an essential part of our diet but not many of us give it the required importance. Now that summer is here and hydrating is necessary, a city physician and nutritionist explain the value of drinking water and avoid dehydration. Photo credit/iStock

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Dr Ambedkar Book Centre: Six years after demolition, the legacy continues at a makeshift stall in Dadar

`Shelf Life` is a weekly series that explores the reading culture in Mumbai. In part one, Mid-day visits Dr Ambedkar Book Centre, once a magnet for students and book sellers in the city, which is now reduced to a make-do stall. After the centre was razed by miscreants, its lone showrunner Mangala Waman Kadam is continuing the struggle for revival. Photo credit/ Sarasvati T

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‘Stigma attached to the hijab is not new’: Muslim women speak about discrimination in Mumbai’s public spaces

A Karnataka High Court verdict upholding the state government’s decision to disallow hijab in classrooms has intensified discussions about the hijab and related discrimination. Although Mumbai is largely viewed as open and accepting, Muslim women in the financial capital say religious stigma thrives in the city’s local trains and workplaces. Photo/AFP

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What-a-melon: Transform the watermelon into crunchy salads and spicy curries this summer

The summer season is upon us and with it come the much-needed seasonal fruits like watermelon. While the fruit is traditionally eaten plain or as a juice, city experts share that one can even experiment while making a refreshing watermelon salad or even a curry to go with rice for a meal. Photo credit/Sante Spa Cuisine BKC

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A survival guide for gardeners: How you and your plants can hold on this summer

Seasonal changes beckon changes in routine, be it skin care or plant care. As temperatures soar, and your houseplants struggle to survive, gardening enthusiasts share tips on how to take care of your plants this summer. Photo credit/Arzoo Panchal

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No time to rest: How India’s tireless campaigners battle activism fatigue

Talking about caste, feminism, sexuality, disabilities — invisible from mainstream narratives – is often met with hate on social media. Individuals who are vocal about issues of marginalised groups and failings of the state, tell us about the cost of their political work and how they carry on being hopeful. Photo credit/Sarasvati T

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Your practical guide to looking sharp this summer

If you are having trouble dressing yourself up in this scorching heat, we’ve got you covered. Fashion experts share tips and looks that are ideal for the summer. Photo credit/iStock

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