Exclusive: Aacharya Dharmraj Guruji

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Nowadays, we all see in many places that many people have set up shops for all the sciences like Astrology, Vastushastra, Ratnashastra. But the exception is Shri. Acharya Dharmaraj Guruji (Mr. Vijay Joshi).
Dharmaraj Guruji has been very fond of Shiv Bhakti since his childhood. Since the age of Guruji was 06 years, he started going to Shiva temple and doing Shiva Puja; His spiritual formation took place in the same Shivamay environment.

Due to Guruji’s mentorship, knowledge gained from him and Guruji’s great will power, Guruji started studying and working in astrology. Guruji helped the people with his profound knowledge and the solutions he gave to people’s problems related to astrology came true. He provided free service to the people by completing a thorough and complete course in Astrology and Gemology. Also, Dharmaraj Guruji took up the vow of public service in parallel. Going forward, he established Dharmaraj Foundation and started helping the underprivileged sections of the society in many fields and continues to do so.

During the Corona period, when the whole world was fighting Corona, without expecting any donation, the help that he helped people with the help of himself and his colleagues was worth a million. It is Guruji’s feeling that his service work with the help of his colleagues will continue unabated.


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  2. While the overall content was fantastic, I would love to see more discussion on your blog. Perhaps delving deeper into your blog could add another layer to your already insightful piece.

  3. What inspired Guruji to delve into astrology, and how has his knowledge in this field contributed to helping people with their problems? Additionally, could you elaborate on the initiatives and impact of Dharmaraj Foundation in supporting the underprivileged sections of society?
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