Every Brilliant Thing brings the subject of mental health to the fore

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The city experienced a play that explored the delicate nature of a parent that suffers from depression and how it affects their children

The conversation surrounding mental health has seen a lot of change especially in the past two yea which has undoubtedly been hard for many people. A new play titled Every Brilliant Thing is being performed in the city and is directed by Quasar Thakore-Padamsee while actor Vivek Madan is taking on the titular role.

The play was written by playwright Duncan Macmillan in 2013. In 2016, it was even turned into a film of the same name and was directed by Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey. The play is based on a son’s efforts to raise the spirits of his chronically depressed mother by creating a list of all the things that are worth living for.

Talking about the play, Padamsee says “We are coming into contact with people who are struggling to adjust to life, deal with life, or talk about their daily challenges. More so after the pandemic. For the longest time, addressing mental health issues was done in hushed tones. Seeking professional help was associated with a degree of inferiority and shame. With this play, we hope that our audiences can start this difficult conversation about their own struggles.”

The show was staged in-the-round which is a form of theatrical staging where the acting areais completely surrounded by the audience. During the play, the viewers are invited to help in the narrative of the story. “Every Brilliant Thing is everything that is good about the theatre. It has dramatic moments that are heightened and simple things that hurt. It’s very human. The play is participative in nature and the audience is constantly involved in what is going to happen,” explains the director.

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