Elderly dog may be too old to run but enjoys windy car rides. Watch cute video

The video of the dog enjoying a car ride was posted on Reddit.

People who have pet cats or dogs know that their whole life – be it the happy moments, the sad ones and everything in between – means the world to them. This happens right from when they are kittens or puppies to the time that they get older and don’t have much energy left in them. This video that was posted on Reddit, shows how one such elderly dog is having a lovely time with her human.

The video opens to show the furry pooch sitting in the back seat of a car. The dog is seen sitting near the window and popping her head out, in order to enjoy this lovely car ride. She can be spotted enjoying the breeze that is coming in through it. The dog’s cute expression when the wind hits her face, is probably one of the most adorable things that you will come across today.

This video was uploaded on the subReddit r/aww. This cute dog video was shared along with a caption that reads, “Too old to run but never too old to feel the wind on her face.” The video might be brief but has made many netizens say ‘aww,’ and that too, repeatedly. The dog’s smiling face and the wind in her fur will definitely make your day.

Watch the pet video here:

The video was posted on Reddit around 23 hours ago. Since being shared, this adorable dog video has garnered more than 8,400 upvotes. The video has also received various comments from people who couldn’t stop adoring how entirely cute this dog is.

“Send her some hugs and kisses on my behalf. I love huskies!” posted a Redditor. “Enjoy, girl. Enjoy,” posted another individual. “She looks so peaceful! Man I love huskies,” posted a third, followed by a heart emoji. “That is so sweet!” expressed a fourth.

What are your thoughts on this dog video that was shared on Reddit?

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