‘Despite a hectic schedule,’ Sonnalli Seygall is working out like this…

Sonnalli Seygall and yoga are a match made in fitness heaven. The actor loves her fitness routine more than anything else and ensures to never skip even a day of working on herself. Sonnalli often travels to Rishikesh – the yoga capital of the country, and tries out yoga of various formats. From acing Surya Namaskar by the river and the mountains lined in the backdrop to trying out AcroYoga routine with her fitness partner.

Sonnalli is freshly back from her yet another rejuvenating trip in Rishikesh. The actor’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of herself engrossed in various yoga routines in the city. A few weeks back, Sonnalli shared a video of herself moving from Surya Namaskar to the Tree Pose in smooth transition by a flowing river, and with the winter sun shining down on her.

Sonnalli did a question-answer session with her fans on Instagram a day back. While she spoke of many things from her birthplace to her language skills, one of the questions was related to her fitness routine. One of her fans asked her – “How’s your workout going on?” To this, she replied with a video of her recent fitness routine and wrote that it is going great, despite a long and hectic schedule of travel and work.

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In the video, shared by Sonnalli, the actor can be seen performing a headstand variation with her legs stretched sideways. Then she can be seen sitting on the floor and grooving her body and enjoying her fitness routine. Take a look at the snippets of her fitness routine here:

Instagram story of Sonnalli Seygall.(Instagram/@sonnalliseygall)
Instagram story of Sonnalli Seygall.(Instagram/@sonnalliseygall)

Headstand helps in strengthening the upper body, spine and core. It also helps in activating the pituitary, pineal and the abdominal glands. Besides reducing stress and depression, Headstand also helps in boosting digestion and enhancing the lung capacity.

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