Another day, another intense fitness routine from Neha Sharma’s gym

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Neha Sharma is setting is fitness bar very high for us with every passing day. The actor, who swears by fitness, hardly misses a day from the gym. Neha believes in sharing her failures as much as celebrating the little wins in the gym. Neha’s sister Aisha Sharma seems to be her fangirl as well – while Neha was busy acing a fitness routine at the gym, Aisha sneaked in a time lapse video of her fitness routine and shared on her Instagram stories, a day back. Aisha and Neha are sibling goals for us – from travelling together to Goa and having a whole lot of fun to twinning in the gym with the same dedication for fitness, their sibling stories are just too good and adorable.

Neha, a few days back, stated that nothing can come in between her and her fitness – not even Hemangioma. Hemangioma is a health condition which refers to vascular tumor that appears in several parts of the body, mainly face and neck. Neha, freshly back from her dreamy vacation in Goa with sister Aisha, wrote that now nothing can stop her from achieving the fitness that she desires for.

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Coming back to Aisha’s video – in the video, Neha can be seen acing several fitness routines. Neha started with Cobras and some stretches, and then she moved on to acing repeated pushups. In the later part of the video, Neha can be seen standing and touching her feet while working out on her core muscles. With her fitness trainer for company, Neha can be seen having yet another intense day at the gym. Take a look at the snippets of her gym diaries here:

Instagram story of Aisha Sharma.(Instagram/@aishasharma25)
Instagram story of Aisha Sharma.(Instagram/@aishasharma25)

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