Aarya actor Ankur Bhatia on struggles of an outsider: We can’t be choosy

Actor Ankur Bhatia believes even though the journey has been tough, the choices that he made led him to Aarya, something that he does not regret.

Actor Ankur Bhatia has been in the acting business for almost a decade, but he has not had it easy. In fact, the actor got widespread recognition only after starring in web series, Aarya.

“It is a vicious circle,” Bhatia tells us, and elaborates, “I have been in the industry for a while now but it was only but post Aarya that people took note of my acting as a whole. It will now be expected from me to take it forward. That can only happen if I make different choices. I am from outside and I was not in the position to be choosy.”

He adds that in his career, he was taking up any opportunity that was coming his way. “As an actor I was struggling to make a mark and was taking whatever was being offered to me. I would do the job and pray that it works out. I didn’t have choice back then,” he shares.

However, despite a tough journey, Bhatia does not regret the choices that led him to Aarya.

“I was assisting Apoorva Lakhia for Zanjeer and there was a role for which the concerned actor had date issues, so I was given that. From there I got Sarbjit and then Haseena Parker, both big biopics. In the latter, I was the leading guy opposite Shraddha Kapoor but the film didn’t do well. After that I did try to be choosy and I wasn’t seen for almost a year because of that. That hampers your growth as an actor. So when Aarya came to me, it didn’t matter to me if it was not a film, I took it up nonetheless,” he explains.

And that has been a good decision for the actor. “After Aarya, people are taking chances with me,” ends Bhatia who recently celebrated his birthday on the sets of his upcoming project Bloody Daddy.

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