Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update June 2: Abhimanyu prepares for hospital’s 35th anniversary

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In this episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we will see the Birla family preparing for the hospital’s 35th anniversary. Abhimanyu will head the preparation while Neel prepares the guest list. Harsh gets angry at Neel over one of the guests. Akshara gets closer to Manjari’s big secret. (Also Read | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update June 1: Akshara surprises Abhimanyu with dinner date at hospital)

Preparation starts

Harsh, Anand, and Mahima are planning the party for the hospital’s 35th anniversary. Anand suggests naming the new ward after Mahima’s mother, but it is Harsh who doesn’t want to give any credit to her mother for giving the land for the hospital. Abhimanyu joins them in the preparations and they leave for the hospital. The next morning, as Abhimanyu reads out the names of the guests from the list Neel prepared, Harsh and Manjari get furious over the mention of one of the guests’ names, Dr Avni Rathore.

Harsh tells everyone that Dr Avni is dead and hence she need not be on the list. Even though they ignore the subject, something clearly is disturbing both Manjari and Harsh. Harsh even scolds Neel later over making the mistake of mentioning a dead person’s name in the list. Who is Dr Avni and why doesn’t Harsh want anyone to know about her?

Akshara finds the DNA results

Birla hospital is all set for the celebration. Even the Goenkas are getting ready for the evening. Manish warns Kairav to forget about the past and join the Birlas in their achievement. Akshara also reaches the hospital for the party. While she walks down the corridor, she overhears one of the doctors talking about the DNA test results of her family. She finds out that Manjari is anxious about the reports and wants the doctors to send her the reports. Aarohi is also on her way to get the reports for Harsh.

Akshara wants to find out the truth and reaches the Genetics centre to get the reports. She then remembers the promise she made to Abhimanyu about not interfering with family matters that don’t consult her. She leaves the office without the reports. Aarohi, on the other hand, comes on time and takes the reports with her.

In the next episode, we will see Manjari’s big secret coming out. Aarohi will tell Akshara what she found out in the DNA reports. What will Abhimanyu do after finding out the truth about his birth? How will Akshara fight this new battle? Who is Dr Avni? Too many questions but the answer is only one, Manjari. It’s Manjari who can only tell the truth behind everything. Keep reading HT for more updates.

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