Woman fulfils late-husband’s dream of opening food joint in Delhi. Watch

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Life is unpredictable and no one can prepare for the future as anything can happen at any moment. There are many people who dream of opening a restaurant or a food joint. Like this video which was shared on Instagram which shows a woman running a food joint in Delhi after her husband’s untimely demise only a few days after opening the shop. A food blogger shared the inspiring story of the woman who handles the Champaran Meat Shop in Delhi’s Rohini.

The woman runs the shop along with her sister-in-law after her husband passed away just a week after opening it, says the caption of the video. The woman now runs the meat shop along with her sister-in-law. It has garnered more than two million views since being uploaded seven days ago.

The video shows the woman enthusiastically cooking mutton in a huge container by adding spices and onions and putting it inside traditional clay pots after it is made. “A woman who fulfilled her husband’s dream after his death with full enthusiasm and grace. Her husband introduced Champaran meat but unfortunately passed away after 1 week of opening and now she and her sister-in-law handle everything,” says the caption of the video. The shop is located in Rohini’s Sector 24.

Watch the video below:

The comments section was filled with people praising the courage of the woman.

“Champaran Bihar …uffff what taste,” commented an Instagram user. “Looks delicious,” posted another. “God bless her with everything,” posted a third along with heart emojis.

What do you think about this courageous woman?

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