Woman arrested for trying to kill husband with paramour, aide

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Mumbai: A woman was arrested on Friday for allegedly trying to get her husband killed with the help of her paramour and his accomplice, both of whom attacked and severely injured the man.

The victim, a software engineer employed with the National Stock Exchange (NSE), suffered deep wounds when he was attacked by two men on the main road outside Andheri railway station on February 19.

According to the police, Viren Shah (38), was returning to his parked car after dropping his wife, Jinal, at the railway station at 6.30 am when the incident took place.

Officers said that Shah was about to open the door of his car when two armed men attacked him on his back with a knife and fled away on a two-wheeler towards Andheri metropolitan magistrate court. The police registered a case of attempt to murder and began scanning the CCTVs of the area around the court. During the investigation, the police found out that one of the accused stayed in Surat.

A police team then went to Surat and arrested Abhishek Borat (26). Thereafter, police arrested the other attacker, road contractor Vipul Patel (35), staying in Kheda in Gujarat.

Police officers said the two men have confessed to the crime and revealed that Jinal (35) was the mastermind of the plan.

Patel said that he had a relationship with Jinal who had asked him to kill her husband on February 19, when she was leaving for Surat to attend a wedding.

Maheshwar Reddy, the deputy commissioner of police, zone 10, said that Shah has suffered four deep wounds and has been admitted to the hospital.

The police officer added that Jinal and Patel had planned to kill Shah earlier too in Surat but their plan failed as Shah left for Mumbai before they could execute their plan.

Following this, Jinal told Patel and Borat to wait near Shah’s car on February 19 as she boarded the train to Surat. When the police informed her about the attack, she pretended to be unaware. However, later the police traced the calls made by Jinal to Patel through their call data records and found out that they were in touch.

Patel told the police that they were in a relationship for five years in college and separated later but the duo met again and decided to kill Shah.

The accused have been arrested for attempt to murder under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code. The police have recovered the scooter and the knife used by the two men to attack Shah.


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