The success Story of mr. Kushal jaiswal.

Mr.Kushal Jaiswal, a successful business person and member of Praja care foundation, is a born social worker and a Shining star in the sky of successful entrepreneurs as “Kushal Arya social media marketing “Who has taken birth in Padrauna district (Kushinagar), Uttar Pradesh, pin code 274304 . Mr.Ajay Jaiswal and Mrs.Vidyawati Jaiswal were his lucky parents . He is well known young politician living in Charbag Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and socially he was very popular with the name of kushalarya. He never leaves the chance to help needy people from the beginning of his career. From childhood, his hobbies are exploring different places and doing social service for all inferior beings.

Kushal Jaiswal not only earns all the luxurious things of life today but also lots of respect in society and family., But like all the great human beings, his life is also not that easy, his extraordinary talent and his ambitions overcome all the blockages coming in his path, he went on climbing the stairs of success, and despite not having all the required facilities, he went to the heights of the digital world and he never had an interest in his academics.

Anyhow, he passed out his intermediate examination. But his heart wants to fly. He wants to explore his life in different ways, so one day, he decides to try his luck, leaves home without informing his family, and flies away to Mumbai, and the real struggle for survival begins. It’s not easy to live in a metro city like Mumbai without any known source or money, they are hard days, but kind-hearted Mr.Kushal does not lose his heart and confidence.

He keeps on trying and meeting people to create references, and as a result, After a few months, some new friends came into his life. They all were businessmen who inspired him to try his luck in the business world, and his mind started exploring a new way of life. And his goal took a different turn, and he kept his first step in the business world. Through his hard work and strong willpower, he kept rising with every step and made his place in the business world.

He never turns back and keeps on growing continuously. As a result, he became very active and famous, with many followers on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.
Slowly he tries his luck in politics and becomes a well-known and loved young politician in between his well-known business Kushalarya social media services make their place in the media world. where he is offering various digital services to his clients on digital platforms like Instagram handling, advertising, and managing .

Once after achieving lots of success, when he returns home, his family members embrace him in their hearts and feel proud of him, and then never leave him alone. And his rising sun of the family not only energizes and lights his family, but his kind heart makes him the sun of the whole society. He helps the poor and needy with genuine compassion, and the blessing of his followers works as a protection shield for him. So he is growing and making a history of success as a self-made man.

He is an inspiration for youth. Mr.Kushal Jaiswal’s life can give inspirational feedback to the youngster who is not interested in achieving educational certificates to be successful. He teaches that success does not depend on anything but solid willpower, courage, and passion for achieving the goal you set.

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