Studying Overseas is not a luxury, it is a commodity available for all.

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Every Indian parent dreams and desires that their child get the best education so that their child can fulfill thier own dreams and goals and when it comes to thinking about education overseas, a parent always has an ideology that education overseas might always be the best option for thier child as education overseas might open new doors for thier career.

International education has existed throughout time and, throughout time,people have sought education elsewhere in order to better their lives, in order to contribute to their societies and communities, and in order to better equip themselves as citizens of their respective countries.

Overtime there have been a lot of rumors that keep circulating in our nation. Education overseas has always been seen as something that is very difficult to achieve and something that requires great amount of funds. Well that is certainly not the case, we at Renaissance, Goa support all our students and their dreams of studying overseas.
Scholastically speaking studying overseas has its own advantages.

The first one being that the student is completely independent. A student in a new country,is all by himself/herself. This allows the student to further explore the independent state of their personality, being independent and learning to do their own work in college is just a step towards the reality of life. This factor is what surely help the students in a long run.

Studying Overseas is not a luxury, it is a commodity available for all.

Secondly you get a chance to witness the amazing culture and be a part of it.It will also enable you to learn a new language depending on the country the student plans to go. Thirdly, a degree from a prestigious University overseas will earn you a sense of respect in the society. Finishing a foreign education program and returning home, one will return with a new perspective on language skills, culture, great education, and willingness to learn. All of these are very attractive to future employers. A foreign degree looks great on resume. Studying abroad says a lot and gives a competitive edge. In resume, it highlights the interest of the individual in other cultures, second language, and thier ability to adapt to a new environment. It shows the individual’s openness to different ideas and courage. Some programs in foreign education even offer internships, which mean the student could show employers how they succeeded in a professional environment abroad.

All this is possible only when the student receives the right guidance at the right time. We understand that every student deserves the know the various options that lay infront of him. We at Renaissance, Goa have an entire team dedicated for this work. There is a lot work when a student wants to apply for a university overseas, with our team on the side of the student, he/she can forget about the worries and be successful is securing the admission into their dream college.

We make sure that we always put extra hard work to help the student take a step towards their goals.




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