Sonali Dalvi : The new character gives me full freedom as an artiste

Sonali dalvi ,who garnered a lot of praise for her character Damini in the Vijayi bhav movie ‘Damini ‘ is now seen essaying a role which is exactly opposite in nature to her previous one. She is playing Damini sardesai in the movie ‘Vijayi bhav

Sonali tells us why the role is special. She says, “You have seen me as a very bold and attractive girl in my previous movie and in this movie I am playing Movie who is exactly opposite too my nature. Both the characters Damini and kasturi are very special to me . My act has begun recently in the movie and I am enjoying this new role.” Sharing more about kasturi pandurang , Sonali says, “Character Kasturi pandurang , is very fun loving and full of energy. I love this role as I can experiment with this character. I am performing this by studying different characters. Also, this is a platform to show my versatility as an

Sonali is enjoying shooting after lockdown. She adds, “My previous movie went off-air just before the lockdown and in lockdown I was missing going to shoot on sets. Luckily I got this movie immediately after lockdown. When I heard the name of the character damini I liked it and decided to perform it. I am enjoying going to set and doing all the fun we used to do. I know other artists well and this helped me to gel with the team very quickly. It’s very good that I am working with my friends and our chemistry is reflected in scenes.”


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