Skincare routine for men: Experts share basic tips to achieve a refreshed look

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Gone are the days when men traditionally kept skincare simple and with more men pursuing healthier, younger-looking skin now, we decided to get some experts on board to ward off men’s skin woes. Skincare has traditionally been a woman’s domain however, the same is leisurely evolving courtesy brands and products that are catering to men and are no longer limited in the market.

Hence, it is a great time for men to evaluate their skincare routine and learn more about how to take care of their body’s largest organ. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Neeraj Patel, a skin expert and Head Of R&D at Boheco, explained, “With higher testosterone levels, collagen and elastin, a man’s skin is comparatively oilier and thicker than of a female counterpart. However, there still remains a few common elements in both genders.” 

He added, “Some common products that men and women can use for better and healthier skin would include cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, serum and so on.”

Daily skincare routine tips for men:

According to Dr Neeraj Patel, “Ensuring healthy skin and adopting accurate measures not only protects it from bacteria and other foreign particles but can also help regulate and control body fluids and temperature.” He advised, “What’s essential while adopting products for better skin is to understand and recognize what the possible product entails. It is very important for one to use products that are made with whole and natural ingredients.”

Highlighting that skin products with ingredients such as harsh essential oils and fragrance can cause irritation and result in skin problems, Dr Neeraj Patel shared, “It is imperative for skin products to be constructed with vitamins, antioxidants, bioactive compounds and so on. With Hemp being a prime ingredient in skincare products, it can direct to multiple health benefits. It can cause better nourishment of the skin, while facilitating better blood circulation and cell repair. Additionally, it can also calm nerves that can result in better quality sleep.”

He suggested, “While taking care of your skin is important, it is equally essential to feed your skin with all natural products. Infuse hemp in your daily routine, to witness its miraculous effect on your overall skin health.”

Adding to the list of what men should include in their daily skincare routine, Arthi Raguram, Founder of Deyga Organics, revealed basic skincare tips for men to achieve a refreshed look and ward off skin woes. She advised:

1. Choose a men facial cleanser that matches your skin type and use it in the morning and at night to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Use a men’s moisturizer every day to provide your skin with adequate hydration.

2. Scrub your face at least twice a week, ideally before a shave to get rid of buildup and reduce occurrence of ingrown hair. Use sunscreen every day on face and exposed parts of your body to prevent pigmentation related problems.

3. Apply face masks with therapeutic benefits to address skin problems, once every week.


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