Shaheer Sheikh on encountering supernatural incidents in life: ‘I have got scared at times’

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Television actor Shaheer Sheikh makes his short film debut with Yatri Kripaya Dhyaan De. The actor is known for for playing mythological characters like Arjun in Mahabharat and historical figures like Salim in Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali and Nana Sahib in Jhansi Ki Rani on the small screen. He will now be seen in a nail-biting thriller, also starring Shweta Basu Prasad.

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The trailer of the short film was released earlier this week and showed Shaheer on the driver’s seat as he drove past beautiful tea gardens of Munnar. He plays a 30-something man named Sumit who is driving home in his new car. He is seen finding a travel companion in Shweta Basu Prasad, who plays a hitchhiker named Nandita and asks him for a lift after her car breaks down. 

Shaheer refuses to divulge more details about the film but confirms that its not a horror film, as indicated by the trailer. He told Hindustan Times in an interview, “When they narrated the concept, it was kind of a mystery thriller. Shweta is an amazing actor, she has a very interesting character. It is around 20-25 minutes and will keep you glued to the screen.”

Shaheer claims despite being just about a road trip, the film wasn’t easy to shoot on the hilly road. “It was quite complicated to drive because the camera is supposed to be placed on the rig in front of you. The visibility was very less, you can hardly see outside. I was actually driving on a road with twists and turns. It was quite challenging for me to drive, say my dialogues and look at my co-driver at the same time. Apart from that, it was quite fun as I was exploring a new place,” he said.

In the trailer, Shweta asks Shaheer: “Have you encountered any supernatural incident?” Ask him to answer the question in real life and he replies, “Not really. There are times when you sense something, you feel something but when you try to go there and check, there’s nothing. We tend to create things in our head and that is what we feel. This has happened a lot of time. I have not had any such experiences but I have got scared at times. I travel a lot and like to go trekking. Sometimes you feel there is something in the bushes but it turns out to be just a rat. I can get scared as well.” 

Directed by Abhinav Singh, Yatri Kripaya Dhyaan De is available for free viewing on Amazon miniTV.

Shaheer is currently shooting for a new daily soap in Hyderabad. The actor is married to Ruchikaa Kapoor and the two have a five-month-old daughter Anaya. On being asked about spending time with his daughter, he says, “I am shooting for most of the time. So that makes it a bit difficult for me to be at home. I try to be there for her and do whatever I can.”


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