Sangram Singh says his mom would bring a ‘prospective bride’s family at home’ every Sunday

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Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh are all set to get married in a month and have now said that their families had “given up” on them, but now they want to do things to make them happy. Sangram has also revealed that his mom started looking for prospective brides as soon as he started working. He also revealed that he didn’t like it when Payal cried on reality show Lock Upp as her co-contestants teased her with his name. (Also read: Payal Rohatgi says Sangram Singh’s mother is fond of her, but could not accept her son doing house chores)

Lock Upp contestant Payal and her wrestler boyfriend Sangram have recently confirmed that they will marry on July 9 in a ‘low key destination wedding’ in Ahmedabad or Udaipur. The couple got engaged in 2014 and has been together for 12 years.

Talking to ETimes, Payal said that there was a time when their families had “given up” on them, but they have now decided to do things that will make the parents happy as they are old. She added that Sangram’s mother’s dream is to see him married.

Sangram added that it was the right time for them to get married as his mother has been waiting for the day for many years. “My mother started looking for brides as soon as I started working. Every Sunday, there would be a prospective bride’s family sitting at home. My mother would make excuses to make me come home early from work. Actually, most people in our village get married when they turn 22-24.”

He further said, “Also, this time it was a spontaneous decision to get married. Payal was a part of a reality show, where I saw that her co-contestants would often tease her with my name and she even cried. I didn’t like that, and we have been together for years now, so I thought that let’s get married. I wanted July 21 as our wedding date as that’s also my birthday, but my mother said that there is no mahurat for weddings after July 9, so I had to agree on that.”

Payal and Sangram fell in love when they spent time together on the adventure show, Survivor India in 2012. On the show, 22 contestants were left to survive without amenities on Caramoan island in the Philippines for 45 days.

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