Salil Ankola reveals why he doesn’t want to launch son Karan

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The actor and former cricketer says he is glad that his son decided to pursue his higher studies as that can provide a safety net in case his acting career doesn’t take off

Actor and former cricketer Salil Ankola has a lot on his plate. He is currently nurturing new talent as the chairman of the senior selection committee of the Mumbai Cricket Association, helping his wife with her business of food therapy and shooting for a Tamil film. What he also looks forward to is his son, Karan Ankola’s acting debut.

Stressing on the need to bag a film on his own and carving a path for himself in showbiz, Salil says, “Sham (Kaushal) paaji (action director) worked has had a career spanning close to 35 years and still Vicky (Kaushal; actor) had to struggle for four-five years. When you find success which you’ve struggled for, it tastes sweeter. That’s what I want my son to experience. When you achieve something on your own, you feel a sense of pride.”

That’s also the reason why The Power (2021) actor decided to not his launch son. He quips, “If you want me to produce a film for my own, you should give me some money,” and adds, “I don’t have enough money to produce a film for him. I’m the son of the police commissioner of Mumbai. He gave me the facilities that helped me become who I’m. I’m also doing the same for my son and that’s the most I can do.”

After playing for the U-16 and U-19 cricket teams, Karan, 27, decided to continue with his higher education and is a currently working as a chef. And that, Salil believes, will help him go back in case an acting career doesn’t work out. “He has a degree in business management and hospitality. Academics is very important because it gives you the base to conduct and present yourself. Kal ko agar kuch nahi hua, he can always fall back to his degree,” he ends.

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