Russia-Ukraine war: India calls for peaceful settlement of disputes

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India has reiterated its concern at the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, called for a return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy, underlined the importance of the territorial integrity and sovereignty, acknowledged the “urgent and pressing” humanitarian situation developing in Ukraine, outlined its priority in terms of safety and evacuation of its nationals, offered to help those from neighbouring and other developing countries stranded in Ukraine, and expressed its support for the United Nations (UN)’s humanitarian efforts.

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In two separate statements on Monday – at the emergency special session of the UN General Assembly and at a UNSC meeting to discuss the humanitarian situation in Ukraine – India’s permanent representative to the UN, TS Tirumurti, outlined New Delhi’s position. This builds on the two earlier statements India put forward at UNSC meetings on Friday and Sunday, where, while abstaining from the vote on Ukraine-related decisions, it took a more critical stance of Russian actions than it had before the invasion of Ukraine.

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At the UNGA session, India said that all members of the UN are not only obliged to follow the UN charter, but also “respect international law and territorial integrity and sovereignty of states”. “Peaceful settlement of disputes in accordance with these principles has been India’s consistent position that has stood the test of time. As such, my government firmly believes that there is no other choice but to return to the path of diplomacy.” India added that there was an “urgent and pressing humanitarian situation developing in Ukraine”. “The international community needs to ensure free and uninterrupted humanitarian access and smooth movement of all peoples”.

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On the safety of its nationals – an issue that has now gained even more urgency in the wake of a killing of Indian student on Tuesday – India said, on both UN platforms, that it was deeply concerned about the “safety and security” of its citizens, and reiterated that its evacuation efforts had been adversely impacted by developments on the ground at border crossings.


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