Red & White Education: Unlocking Potential, One Byte at a Time

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In the heart of Surat’s IT hub lies Red & White Education, a vibrant institute where students don’t just learn, they transform. Founded in 2008 by Hitesh Desai, Red & White Education has become synonymous with quality IT education and career success.

Gone are the days of rote learning. Red & White Education prioritizes a practical approach, equipping students with the skills and knowledge that translate directly to the workplace. Their curriculum is meticulously crafted, aligning with the latest industry trends and incorporating real-world projects. This ensures graduates are not only theoretically sound but also job-ready from day one.

Learning flourishes best in a supportive environment. Red & White Education fosters a unique culture that goes beyond academics. Their multiple training centers are designed to be comfortable and well-equipped, providing a space for students to learn and collaborate effectively. Their instructors, known for their engaging and humorous teaching style, make learning enjoyable and interactive. Company visits, day-time celebrations, and a strong sense of community further enhance the learning experience, allowing students to build valuable connections and lasting memories.

Red & White Education believes that financial constraints shouldn’t stand in the way of a bright future. Their commendable 25% scholarship program for deserving orphan students is a testament to this commitment. Partnerships with industry giants like Google ATC and ISO accreditation further solidify their dedication to providing students with the highest quality education.

The numbers speak for themselves. With over 37,500 students trained, 50+ industry-approved courses, and partnerships exceeding 1500 companies, Red & White Education boasts an impressive track record. Their 22+ centers across Surat offer unmatched accessibility, making quality IT education available to aspiring students throughout the city.


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