Raichura Energy Pvt Ltd Expands Solar Solutions Portfolio for Residential and Commercial Sectors

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Raichura Energy Pvt Ltd, a leading provider of solar energy solutions, today announced a significant expansion of its product portfolio, catering to both residential and commercial sectors. Founded in May 2023 by Mihir Raichura, the company has quickly established itself as a key player in India’s clean energy landscape.

The expanded portfolio includes a wide range of solar rooftop installations tailored for homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. Additionally, Raichura Energy now offers cutting-edge solar street lighting solutions, promoting energy-efficient and sustainable infrastructure development.

With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Raichura Energy’s solutions are designed to maximize energy generation and minimize environmental impact. The company’s commitment to quality and affordability has made it a preferred choice for customers seeking reliable and cost-effective solar energy options.

“We are thrilled to expand our product offerings and further contribute to India’s clean energy transition,” said Mihir Raichura, Founder of Raichura Energy. “Our goal is to empower individuals and businesses to embrace solar power and reap its numerous benefits, both economically and environmentally.”

Raichura Energy’s expanded portfolio aligns with the Indian government’s ambitious renewable energy targets and its vision for a sustainable future. As the company continues to grow, it remains dedicated to providing innovative and accessible solar solutions that contribute to a greener and cleaner India.

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