Rahul Mahajan’s wife Natalya Ilina pens note on Ukraine-Russia crisis: My nana was Russian and my nani was Ukrainian

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Rahul Mahajan’s wife, Natalya Ilina Mahajan has expressed her concerns over the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis. 

Television personality Rahul Mahajan’s wife Natalya Ilina Mahajan penned an emotional note for the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis. Natalya has said that her friends and family are in Ukraine and she is constantly checking on them for their well-being. Natalya shared a picture of herself and mentioned how she has relatives on both sides of the bortAlso read: Priyanka Chopra requests help for Ukraine amid Russian invasion: ‘There are innocent lives in this war zone’

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorised military operation on Ukraine. While countries announced sanctions against the Russia, Putin defended his attack. An estimated 100,000 Ukrainians fled their homes as explosions and gunfire rocked major cities.

Natalya wrote in her post, “My dadi was Russian and my dada was German. My nana was Russian and my nani was Ukrainian. My family was basically formed as a child of WW2… where Russians were against Germans. Right now, seeing Russian people against Ukrainian feels like family pushed to fight against their own family. My heart breaks into pieces. It’s hard to keep quiet and it’s hard to comment. I have overwhelming feelings about the situation and I keep checking the news and checking on my friends like family who are currently in Ukraine. I cannot take sides. I’m on the side of humanity. I’m Russian and I’m Ukrainian as much as I am German. My heart is with both. And all I wish and pray for is #peace and #nowar.”

One fan commented on the photo, “It’s difficult indeed, common people don’t want war. I pray for #peace.” Another one said, “Hope our prayers are answered!”

Natalya is Rahul’s third wife,  he was earlier married to Dimpy Ganguly (2010-2015) and Shweta Singh (2006-2008), with both accusing him of domestic violence. Rahul and Natalya tied the knot in 2018. While Rahul was 43 when they got married, Natalya was 25. In 2020, Rahul revealed that Natalya converted to Hinduism after their marriage.

The couple kept the wedding a secret for a long time. “My previous two marriages happened in a hurry. There was no time to think and though both Shweta and Dimpy are wonderful individuals, we were not compatible. Over the last few years, I realised that I don’t want to be in a relationship for the sake of it. I don’t want to be with someone where there is no way forward. With Natalya, I discovered true companionship and also, there’s no room for long arguments or differences between us,” he has said in an earlier interview.

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