Radhika Vise’s Dance Seminar coming soon..

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Actress and dancer Radhika Vise’s first dance seminar in Maharashtra is coming. This seminar will be held on 16 July 2023 and initially this seminar is reserved for women and girls only.
Book My Show is the ticketing sponsor of this seminar and Book My Show will sell the tickets for this seminar in India. And outside India Tugoz Entertainment is the sponsor of the seminar and Tugoz Entertainment will handle the ticket sales and marketing in USA, Dubai and Australia.
This will be the first big seminar in Maharashtra to be exhibited on such a large scale. This seminar will be conducted live online in 04 countries simultaneously. A Poland based company is handling the technical side for this live streaming.
The makers gave the official information about this seminar to the news agencies today. Marketing of this seminar has been started in the country and abroad. 1000 people will be able to attend this seminar at the same time.
This seminar of Radhika Vise is proving to be important not only in Maharashtra but globally in the field of online streaming.