Quickly fill your petrol tanks, Rahul’s advice for citizens as election fever nears end

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Written by Shubhangi Gupta | Edited by Sohini Goswami, New Delhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday urged citizens to refuel their cars as the Narendra Modi-led central government would raise petrol prices soon after Assembly elections in five states come to an end.

Taking to Twitter, the Congress MP wrote, “Quickly get your petrol tanks full. The ‘Election’ offer of the Modi government is going to end soon.” He also used a picture of a petrol pump that said “hike” and “coming back soon to fuel stations near you”.

The Congress has time and again accused the government of stalling the hike in fuel prices to gain mileage among voters ahead of elections and raising the prices again soon after the polls come to an end.

Oil prices rose above $111 a barrel on Friday amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict. With oil marketing companies (OMCs) bearing the pain of surging crude oil prices, fuel rates are likely to rise soon for end consumers.

A day ago, Gandhi said the BJP was seeking votes in Uttar Pradesh on the “basis of lies.”

Addressing an election rally in Pindra, Varanasi, Gandhi said, “I will die but will never tell you that I will deposit 15 lakh to your bank accounts. I do not care if it makes you feel good or bad. I respect you all enough to never lie on your faces. (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi lies and says he protects Hinduism. No, he protects lies. They talk about the Hindu religion all over the country. Tell me what is the Hindu religion? It is nothing but the truth. They do not seek votes on the name of the Hindu religion, but on the basis of lies.”

The high-octane seven-phased election in Uttar Pradesh is set to come to an end on March 7. Counting of votes will take place on March 10.

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