PTS Trading Services Pvt Ltd : A Stock Market Training Services Provider Founded by Prabhat Kumar

Prabhat Kumar is a successful Stock Market Trader, Trainer Entrepreneur with more than 7 years of experience.

He is doing full-time trading in different segments, such as Swing Trading, Intraday, & Bank Nifty as Well.

Currently, he is Director of PTS Trading Services Pvt Ltd. He founded PTS Trading Services Pvt Ltd, a company that provides Financial & Stock market education services .

He has been a prominent face on Youtube with a subscriber base of 143000+. He has started various formats of videos on YouTube, such as Kal ka Bazar, educational videos, News videos, Swing Trading Videos, Stock Market News Videos & Options Trading series on his channel named as ‘PTS Trading Services’.

He inspires a lot of people, mostly the youth of India to become financially independent by stock market. He is also encouraging a lot of people to focus on the stock market for an extra source of income.

Prabhat Kumar’s is aiming to spread stock market and financial market knowledge all over india in coming years.

Today, PTS Trading Services Pvt Ltd, is a 10 member organization that provides the Best online Stock market & Financial Education & is Known to be the Top Stock market & Financial Companies in the Field.

Pts Trading Services Private Limited is a private incorporated on 12 February 2021.

We have two branches, the head branch located in Faridabad and the second branch is located in Noida.

We are currently running three franchises all over India and we will increase the number of franchises in coming years.

Franchises Location : New Delhi, Gujurat & Oddisha

Coming year we aim to expand our Franchises so that India’s people get aware about Stock Market & Become Financially Free & People can create Wealth to Stock Market.

We have just launched the App. Through this people can get knowledge of stock market and the financial market.

We are proud to say that all over of India we have crossed more than 1.35 Lakh Satisfied Students

The journey began in 2019, He Started making Youtube videos for stock market, It was only one segment i have started with now it is over 5 Videos Segment we are making videos on, and truly it has now become a responsibility to make powerful content for my YouTube family.

Official PTS Trading Services Pvt Ltd’s Website link:


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