Nobody wants to sit home, watching others going to work: Kapil Nirmal

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Actor Kapil Nirmal is in a happy frame of mind for being on sets after an unplanned break

Actor Kapil Nirmal is in a happy frame of mind for being on sets after an unplanned break.

“My four-year-long hiatus was never planned. The only thing was that nothing much was being materialized in terms of work. Means, whatever I wanted to do at that stage of my career I was not being offered. When some really lucrative projects came to me then due to reasons unknown it just didn’t work. See it’s always a two way game for any actor. At the end of the day nobody wants to sit home, watching others going to work,” he says.

The Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera actor further adds, “Being an actor, you need projects that infuse you with high enthusiasm and make you perform to your best ability. But, that was not happening! After ten years in the industry, I need roles that give me a chance to explore areas that I haven’t touched so far. I am trying my best to find some solace in this creative world.”

Nirmal feels lucky that not much has been lost during his hiatus as many more were homebound due to lockdowns. “My break was timed such that it got combined with pandemic related halt. That phase did make me comprehend that kaam se badh ke kuch nai iis duniya mei…achaa kaam hath mei ho tabhi log pehchante hai. The way my family stood by me throughout, I feel our loved ones are equally vital part of our lives. Actually, there is not one without the other.”

Currently, Nirmal is busy with a mythological series. “When I was offered to play this antagonist Tarakasur in Baal Shiv, I was like mei yeh kyo karunga! But the team, who is well known to me, insisted and here I am. But, trust me playing mytho characters is extremely difficult. It’s a painful job carrying those fancy attires and delivering dialogues on such high pitch. It drains you out completely! Now, I wish to be back doing mainstream soon and also attempt something interesting on OTT.”

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