Nidhhi Agerwal: People still think women are not ambitious

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Actor Nidhhi Agerwal feels people still have a tough time accepting that women can be ambitious, and are willing to work really hard to get financial independence. And that is one thing she hopes changes soon.

“There are a lot of stereotypes that people in general but women especially continue and have to struggle with. The so-called fact that women are not as ambitious is a stereotype that I have seen off late quite a bit,” Agerwal tells us.

The 28-year-old continues, “There are other basic stereotypes also, but the biggest is that women are not that ambitious. Somewhere, there is this thing at the back of people’s minds that women are not ambitious”.

Here, she wants to clarify, “Women are extremely ambitious. They should be allowed to enrich themself, should be celebrated when they chase their dreams, or when they want to work to be financially independent and make a name, or create a mark for themselves”.

It was in 2017 when she entered the film industry with Hindi film, Munna Michael, going on to explore Tamil and Telugu film industry. But she has not worked with a woman director yet, and she hopes it changes soon.

“I have never worked with a woman director, and I think it would be amazing to work with a woman in that capacity. I really look forward to that experience,” she says.

And that’s because that comes with extra comfort and understanding. “Now, if I see, I am working on sets where a lot of technicians and a lot of the ADs are girls, and there is an extra comfort level. When you are talking to another girl, you can just express your concerns or certain things that you can probably tell only another girl. It would be liberating to work with a female director,” she wraps up.


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