Naveen Singh is every millennial couple’s choice for their influencer’s photography, and here’s why

Everyone can click photographs, but merely a few people can capture memories. Naveen Singh ( Naveen Kumar ) dreamt of making influencer’s memories permanent; with commitment & devotion, he made a career out of it, merrily a flourishing one.

Naveen Singh

Naveen’s real name is “Naveen Kumar” and was born in 2002 was interested in photography and was persevering to make a career out of it. After a year-long persuasion Naveen’s family eventually came around to him following his passion. He then enrolled himself at a photography school and started his voyage as a photographer and now he is an famous photographer from Bihar. So now Naveen’s Father have much proud on Naveen. He is also popular on social media currently he have 15.4k followers on his insta handle.


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