Meet the man who is on a mission to travel the world

Sunny Alhat is a fort walker. They love to visit the forts and make a one-day trek to go there. In that trek they enjoy the beautiful things, beautiful photos, natural things attract them so they like to go for a walk. He planned to go for a walk in Gad fort one day. And while they started going for a walk, they got a hobby of visiting the forts.

They say that every fort in our history has some history and they like to know the history of those forts. So they just visit such different forts and take different pictures there and upload them on social media and they have a lot of fans on social media for those things. He likes to share his history with people so he makes his small traveler videos. And the videos he uploads make people happy and like them. And he has a lot of viewers too. History-savvy influencers who preserve social media history.

Sunny Alhat says that we influence people over something. So if we influence people in terms of good things, people will do good things.That’s why I am doing Gadkille videos. New children should be aware of the history of forts and Maharajas of our Maharashtra and this history should be in front of their eyes at every moment. So I am conveying this history to them through videos. This gives me real pleasure, and also for the enjoyment of others, I love these videos and informational videos about this fort. Raigad Fort, Shivneri Fort, Sinhagad Fort, Rajgad Fort, Pratapgad Fort, Panhala Fort, Fort Basin / Vasai Fort, Balapur Fort, Tornagar Fort have been visited by Sunny Alhat.


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