Masaba Gupta recalls traveling with dad Vivian Richards as a child: ‘We’d go to England, Africa, all over the place’

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Fashion designer Masaba Gupta has spoken about spending her childhood with her father, West Indies’ former cricketer Vivian Richards. In a new interview, Masaba said that she travelled to several countries including England with Vivian. Masaba also said that travelling as a child was the ‘best case scenario’. Though she flew across nations, she revealed that her ‘heart is in Mumbai’. (Also Read | Masaba Gupta couldn’t watch ‘iconic match’ of 1983 World Cup with ‘dad Vivian Richards on one side, country on other’)

Masaba Gupta is the daughter of actor Neena Gupta and Vivian. The couple had Masaba without getting married. Neena raised her as a single mother. While Neena tied the knot with Vivek Mehra in 2008, Vivian is married to Miriam Richards.

In an interview with Curly Tales, Masaba said, “I spent my childhood travelling the world which I think is possibly the best-case scenario for a kid. But I was born and brought up in Bombay and I’m a hardcore Mumbai girl. In fact, I can’t be in another city unless it’s for work or whatever for more than a couple of days. I’ve always been a Juhu girl, that’s the neighbourhood.”

“Whenever I had the time or a break from school or something like that we were always on a flight somewhere. My dad at that time was very actively doing commentary and we would just travel with him. We’d go to England and we’d go to Africa and we’d go all over the place. So yeah I always say I’m a travelling baby but my heart is in Mumbai,” she also added.

Recently, Masaba had revealed that her greatest regret is being unable to watch Vivian play during the 1983 World Cup. On Instagram Stories in December last year, Masaba had shared a clip of the final match between India and the West Indies. “My greatest regret in life is not ever watching my dad play in a stadium–I was way too young. I always say I was born 6 years too late. I didn’t get to watch this iconic match-with, my dad, on one side and my country on the other,” she had said.

Masaba had spoken about her father in 2012 with Firstpost, “We are alike in many ways. For one, I have his short temper. And we are both very selfish people. Well, selfish is a strong word, but we do come first. We matter the most to ourselves. We have the same view about the world. I think I inherited this, though we also talk things out and I realise his view of life is close to mine. For one, he always tells me, family is important; there is no such thing as a friend. If you have one true friend, it is a big thing! And mom and dad are both similar in their focus on what they do.”

Masaba is waiting for the release of the second season of her Netflix show Masaba Masaba, which also stars her mother Neena Gupta. The first season aired in August 2020.


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