Manjishtha Gupta of Lucknow won the title of Mrs. India Lifestyle Queen 2022.

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Manjishtha Gupta is a name that is growing very fast in the fashion industry with her hard work and true passion, Manjishtha, a resident of Lucknow and working as a teacher by profession, Participated in Miss and Mrs. India Queen of Hearts 2022 at Hyatt Centric Hotel, New Delhi organised by Saloni Agarwal and in the same show, Manjishtha won the title of Mrs. India Lifestyle Queen 2022 with her hard work and raised her spirits.  

Talking to the media, Manjishtha says that when family members are with you, especially your husband, then it is not difficult to achieve any goal and my parents and my husband have a big contribution behind my success, And it is because of them that I have been able to reach this point.  Manjishtha further says that winning the title in the show was difficult but not impossible so I did not lose heart and kept up my hard work and passing round after round I was able to reach my aim and achieved this position,  in future my dream is to move forward in the fashion industry and empower every women of the country, no matter what is your caste, creed , colour, rich or poor. Keep faith in yourself and break your own build boundaries and achieve your goal.


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