Madhuri Dixit says she came across as ‘snooty’ during childhood days: ‘I wouldn’t speak much’

Madhuri Dixit has revealed that she was perceived as “snooty” during her childhood days as she wouldn’t speak much. The actor said that she was shy as a child but would forget everything about the world when she was on stage. The actor is now quite vocal about her personal life on her social media pages. She often shares pictures with her husband Dr Shriram Nene and their sons on Instagram. Also read: Madhuri Dixit says mom would scold her for keeping room untidy even after she became a star: That’s how I was brought up

Madhuri recently made her digital debut with the web series, The Fame Game. The actor plays a superstar named Anamika Anand in the show which revolves around her personal struggles which are a far cry from her image in public. 

Madhuri has now revealed how she is “pretty open” despite preferring to keep quiet at times. She told Harper’s Bazaar in an interview, “As a child, I was playful but shy. Many people thought I was snooty because I wouldn’t speak much, but that wasn’t the case. It was just that when I went on stage, I’d forget the world…something would change within me. I felt I owned it, and it would bring out the best in me. But I’m a fun-loving person, I love to joke around. I could be quiet at times but not like, ‘Don’t speak to me’. I’m pretty open.”

Opening up more about her growing up years, she said, “I grew up with one brother and three sisters, but my parents never put forth the idea that only men can achieve success. My dad was very supportive of all of us, with whatever we wanted to pursue. He used to say, ‘Go out in the world and achieve what you want to. But you have to work hard because it’s 2 per cent genius and 98 per cent hard work’.” 

She claims to have instilled the same values in her sons, Arin and Ryan. While Arin is 18, Ryan is 16 years old.


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